Kaye Exo, Sunnyside

We are honored to be a part of the Hard Times Supper ministry at Sunnyside Community House in the Hawthorne neighborhood. On the first Wednesday of the month, 10 intrepid volunteers from Bridgeport  join with other people to prepare dinner for 60-100 people . 

Pat Schwiebert, manager and chief of hospitality, is in charge of procuring vast amounts of food from the Oregon Food Bank.  She consistently selects quantities of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and greens , which we cut up into huge bowls of fruit and green salads.  Pat also puts us to work slathering crusty bread with butter and garlic and personally mixes up a nourishing main dish like pad thai or spaghetti.

For desserts, local bakeries bring pies, cakes and cookies.  All are served family style and seconds are dished out until there is no more.  Leftovers go into clean containers for guests to take home.   Some children at nearby Sunnyside Environmental  School  pack lunches and people take the lunches for the asking.

This ministry had been in existence for over 35 years, with Pat in charge.  Her goal is to provide a safe place for houseless and otherwise low income people to be warm, safe, and welcomed. The ministry includes showers, bathrooms, laundry facilities, and a clothes closet. Those services are limited and heavily used. 

As a faith community, we are called to treat every person with dignity and compassion and to protect the most vulnerable in the community.  By being a partner with Sunnyside, we have a chance to put our faith into practice. If you want to join us in this big kitchen some first Wednesday, see Karen Miller or Kaye Exo.