Building Rental

Main Floor

  • The Sanctuary space is 2,240 sq. ft. The occupancy load for the sanctuary is 168 people.

  • The stage is 336 sq. ft. (16' X 21').

  • The pews are all moveable and the chairs are stackable.

  • Folding tables are available.

  • There is a grand piano next to the stage.

  • This space is handicapped accessible by a ramp on the south side of the building.

  • There is a restroom on the main floor.

Bottom floor

  • The basement Fellowship Hall is 1,820 sq. ft. The occupancy load for the Fellowship Hall is 127.

  • The kitchen is 400 sq. ft. equipped with 3 sinks, 2 stoves, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and toasters.

  • There are two restrooms available and an exterior entrance way.

  • This level is not handicapped accessible.

  • There are interior stairs that lead to the bottom floor and there is an outside stairway and door for entry.


  • The parking lot has ample parking (over 30 stalls)

  • There are 4 handicapped accessible parking spaces marked, all on the east side of the parking lot.

If you are interested in renting space in our building, please email