UCC General Synod, Baltimore

Pre-Flight Entry

Dear Bridgeporters,

I'm nearly packed and ready to head out to General Synod.  It is my intention to take you with me by reporting in from Baltimore!  You can watch the plenary sessions Live if you wish.

Every plenary session will be on livestream, available on the UCC website here.  The schedule is also on the website.  The first plenary is 2:15 EST (That's 11:15 PST)  on Friday, June 30.

I do hope you'll be in worship on Sunday to support Rev. Peg Pfab.  But also to support Judy & the Ukes.  Several folks will be joining Judy for special music.  I'd love it if someone could record it.  I'm sorry to miss you all!


Some of you who have gone on major hikes or retreats since I've been your pastor.  We've sometimes had a conversation about being open to what God is saying to you when you are out of your normal environment.  I've often encouraged you to set an intention for your time away.  While my time won't be in the quiet wilderness, I am working on discerning God's voice in the midst of so many of God's people who will be gathered on a holiday weekend in a major city.

In the midst of all of the chaos, I hope to discern God's calling for the church, at least an inkling of it.  In a time of fear and oppression and change and violence and transformation, I will be looking for God's peaceful presence in the midst of it all.  I'm still working on what I hope to gain clarity on for myself personally, so stay tuned.

Thank you for providing such an amazing homebase for me to launch from!  I am taking you with me on the Road to Baltimore.

More soon.....

Your faithful servant,